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March 05, 2014

Dear Kelly, As a green blogger and beauty journalist, I am sent products on a regular basis. Some are quickly dismissed, either due to unclean ingredients or low performance. Some are pretty good. Some are great. And some are gems. I want to tell you how impressed I am with the products you sent me. You and TASTYFACE are both absolute gems. In this industry of greenwashing and false advertising, it is so rare to find a company that practices what it preaches in quality and contents. TASTYFACE is among the most impressive brands I've ever come across, in terms of quality products and pure ingredients. You've mastered the art of both. The scents are mouth-watering and my skin feels... Continue Reading →

A birthday blog.

March 03, 2014

Here's what seems to happen frequently in the green beauty product world.  Small company is founded with a vision and dedicates to products created with minimal toxins, sustainability, etc.  Company sells to big box retailer.  Company starts injecting products with plasticized stabilizers, less costly ingredients, and diminished quality to increase profitability.  Consumers believe in original branding/message and do not always catch the shift.  (*not always in this order).  Hey, it's business and you know what?  It's incredibly difficult to sustain with high quality ingredients!  We get it.  BUT.  And it's a big but... We deserve better.  Read labels, DIY, support hand-crafted/small batch.  We are here to educate *first*.  If anyone walks away from TFO with a heightened awareness of potential... Continue Reading →


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