rosemary aloe toner

Super clean, super fresh... and trust us, this is no ordinary toner.  The combo of rosemary and aloe vera provides extra powerful skin toning properties.  They're a dynamic duo in skincare; Rosemary has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Helps reduce puffiness and create smoother skin.  Aloe vera is also known for its wrinkle reducing, skin smoothing properties - also helps soothe blemishes and redness. Rounded out with a touch of organic apple cider vinegar - an excellent, natural pH balancer, and organic witch hazel. Gives it a little kick of extra special.  

(This product comes with a fine mist sprayer, not shown in the photo!)  


Size: 4 fl oz.


Ingredients:  distilled water, rosemary hydrosol*, aloe vera*, witch hazel extract*, apple cider vinegar*, rosemary essential oil*, tea tree oil*, essential oils*

*organic, high quality source


Directions for use:  Shake well before using.  Spritz or splash toner onto face.  Start with a small amount and adjust according to your skin type and needs. Follow with moisturizer.  Product does not contain shelf stabilizers or man-made preservatives, so some separation may occur.  If so, shake well to redistribute.  For best results, store in cool, dark place and use within 2-3 months of opening. 


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