tahitian vanilla lime sea salt body scrub

Someone asked how I chose this combo of scents for the scrub.  The truth is... My favorite adult beverage is a margarita.  With that inspiration in mind, it's a little vacation in the shower.  Out with the old, in with the new... renewing, moisturizing, and designed to slough away dead skin to leave you feeling super soft, super refreshed, and ready to face the day.  No hangover!  Sea salt is awesomely therapeutic in a zillion ways:  reduces inflammation, exfoliates dead skin, replenishes moisture, renews, refreshes, cleans pores, calm nerves.


*This is a BODY scrub - not a face scrub, please take note!

 **Please note, image is far oilier than the current product.  The scrub has the consistency of wet sand, much drier than the photo - more salt per ounce!


Weight: 8 oz.


Ingredients:  Pure sea salt, coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*, kukui nut oil*,  hand-crafted vanilla bean infused jojoba oil*, lime peel essential oil*, organic Tahitian vanilla bean powder*, vanilla essential oil*


*organic/high quality source


Directions for use:  Apply small amount to damp skin and rub in a gentle circular motion.  Only use on body, sea salt is typically too harsh on face!  Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.  Might leave a slight oil residue on skin - adjust amount you use accordingly.  Some product separation is normal, and if it occurs, gently stir back together with a butter knife or wooden stick.  Wash hands thoroughly before using.  Keep water out of product to help maintain integrity.  Not recommended for children.  Might mix well with tequila.  

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