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Dear Kelly,

As a green blogger and beauty journalist, I am sent products on a regular basis. Some are quickly dismissed, either due to unclean ingredients or low performance. Some are pretty good. Some are great. And some are gems. I want to tell you how impressed I am with the products you sent me. You and TASTYFACE are both absolute gems. In this industry of greenwashing and false advertising, it is so rare to find a company that practices what it preaches in quality and contents.

TASTYFACE is among the most impressive brands I've ever come across, in terms of quality products and pure ingredients. You've mastered the art of both. The scents are mouth-watering and my skin feels so soft. I've noticed a very healthy glow since using your serum. The shave cream is a frothy delight, and leaves both myself and my husband feeling soft and smooth. The body butter makes my skin feel like silk and smells insanely good.

It is so obvious that your products are lovingly made, and the blood, sweat and tears behind them is truly evident. Usually when I receive a product, there is at least one ingredient that I'm a little disappointed in, but with TASTYFACE, there isn't a single thing I would change. You are a true artisan and I'm a fan forever. I sincerely hope that anyone who thinks they can't have delicious-smelling, gorgeously packaged, lovingly and safely made products that work wonders tries TASTYFACE and lets you change their mind. Please let me know if there is anything I can do, beyond my well-deserved rave reviews, to help spread the word.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for introducing me to your stellar products. You and your brand are equally inspiring.

Stephanie Deline
Bee Green Magazine
She's So Eco

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  • I love my tastyface products! The only complaint I have is that you all have not come out with tastyface makeup!! What do you all use? I feel like I’m selling myself short using such high quality products for skin care, then department store products for makeup :/ Suggestions or advice, anyone?

    Jessica on
  • Ditto. I couldn’t agree more! So well said!

    Nicole DeBraal on

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