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the $50 billion (yes, billion) cosmetics industry.

Posted by Kelly Ross on

"The $50 billion cosmetics industry uses roughly 12,500 unique chemical ingredients in personal care products—the vast majority of which have never been assessed for safety by any publicly accountable body"

That's right.  And it bears repeating:  12,500 unique chemical ingredients... most of which have not been assessed for safety.  

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D - IL_ and others introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act in 2011... ( and there it sits. Does anyone else find it completely shocking that there isn't legislation to create safeguards? I'm not saying everything has to be regulated all of the time.  However, trusting large corporations or government bureaucracies to make sure we aren't putting toxic chemicals on our bodies might not be the best idea.  Please continue to read labels, study ingredients, do the research.  You have choices.  Educate yourself and your loved ones!

No more junk food on your faces!

- Kelly

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  • I am so impressed! You have really tapped in to the heart of clean skin care. I’m so inspired reading all you have to say. I’ve been on this path in a smaller way for about 20 yrs.
    Thank you for following your heart which seems to have led to your passion, contributing to the wholeness for all.

    Tippi Pollet on

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