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First things first. 

Take a moment to thank YOURSELF for making an extraordinary step in the direction of health and vibrancy by using (or considering ordering!) TASTYFACE products.  These guys were created after copious amounts of study, research, and practice.  Each ingredient and its sources was carefully considered and selected for their contribution to the whole.  There is NOTHING unnecessary in these jars!  Every single element has a distinct purpose to give your skin the best possible nutrition.

When you open your jar of TASTYFACE, take a deep whiff.  

Take a moment to notice the smell of real, natural, TRULY pure ingredients – you can tell just from the lovely scents of these guys that they are the real deal.  You might notice that they don’t look like your standard drugstore fare.  You might see a speck of vanilla bean, slight variations in the shade of creamy white in the shave cream, a little lumpiness from the shea butter, or a tiny separation of the aloe from the oils in the vanilla mint moisturizer.  Don’t panic!  This is NORMAL and it is completely okay.  No WAIT.  It is better than okay – because here in front of you, you can see there are no artificial emulsifiers creating the illusion of “perfect”.  There are no plastic stabilizers making the same homogenous consistency that you have come to expect.  It is a part of the craft of hand-made skincare.  Next, take the time to wash your hands really well before using these products.  You don’t want to introduce any germs into these little jars (I’m not calling you germy, by the way).  They have many thoughtful natural preservatives and they will work to keep microbials at bay.  But please be on the safe side and handle with care and consideration.  If your product has separated slightly, simply take a new clean q-tip and gently swirl it back together (or if we're talking toner, give it a good shake).

Most TASTYFACE products contain coconut oil.  It is a miracle worker and has many huge benefits for our bodies – inside and out.  Not only does it moisturize, but it is has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.  It is rich in fatty acids that help replenish your skin and hair.  It is also temperature sensitive – so you might notice some shift in consistency depending on temp.  Looks a little liquid?  No problem, throw it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes!  Cold – and looks a little solid?  Let it come up to temp in a comfortable indoor environment (somewhere between 65-78 degrees is ideal).  Either way, the products will still work beautifully. Start with the tiniest pea sized amounts… these are DENSE with rich, nutrient intense ingredients and you might be surprised by how far a tiny bit will go.  Give it a few days, and start to adjust amounts as you see fit.  You know your skin best – do what is right for you! 

Finally – remember, just like fresh produce and non-processed foods, whole/pure/clean skincare DOES and WILL expire.  TASTYFACE is made fresh on the regular so you know you’re getting the very best of the best ingredients. Take the recommended precautions to keep them fresh as long as possible.  Throw them in the refrigerator to prolong their life.  But mostly – use them up! And if something doesn’t look right, throw it out.  If that happens before 2-3 months of purchase, please let me know.  Thank you for supporting this cause.  

Love your TASTY faces.


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