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Blood Orange {citrus sinensis var. sanguinello} + Vanilla {vanilla planifolia} = OMGYES.

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*The stimulating scent of blood orange is considered to have anti-depressant and aphrodisiac properties. Its chemical constituents are antiseptic and anti-spasmodic as well. Their red pigment, anthocyanin, is a powerful antioxidant that is rare in the rest of the citrus fam."

My latest obsession and coming soon in the TFO body butter.  Actually, it's not a new obsession at all.  I first discovered how much I loved this flavor in Victoria, B.C. in 2002, in the form of a blood orange margarita.  There's a depth, a tang, and a complexity that regular old orange simply doesn't have.   The soon-to-be launched body butter is blood orange vanilla scented.  This was no casual decision... this is a seriously passionate combo and craft of love for me!  

I started making hand-crafted vanilla bean infused jojoba oil a few months before launching TASTYFACE.  Like many of my recipes, it sort of came to me in a flash.  (Especially after not finding a vanilla essential oil I absolutely loved).  The infusion process is very simple but also a lesson in major patience.  Each vanilla bean is carefully sliced and scraped... those little beans are precious goods, so really thoroughly scraping the pod is key!  In they go to the big jar of organic jojoba, tightly sealed, and then stored away for 4-6 weeks (shaken every day or two, to make sure the vanilla isn't only settling on the bottom).  When you really want vanilla RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, it is a somewhat annoying deal.  But the result is this amazing, sensual, deep, earthy, vanilla scented oil... It's just... holy wow.  Sublime and delicate and sweet and warm and comforting.  

Combine the two, and the scent is CRAZY. GOOD.  Creamsicle?  Yes.  But also... so much else!  Combined with the cocoa butter, shea, coconut, sweet almond, and kukui oils... it's all whipped and soft and dreamy.  


You know, it's funny.  I mean, who knew there could be so much passion in lotion?  It's JUST skincare, right?  Well, yes.  But honestly it's so much more.  It's about treating your skin and body with the highest level of care, giving yourself an extra bit of love and nourishment every day.  Increased self care + love + amazing organic nutrient rich ingredients + aromatherapy = life changing.  Thanks for being here, tasty faces!  Enjoy.

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