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TASTYFACE Organics Education Series

Posted by Kelly Ross on

I had time in the Orlando airport yesterday, so I walked around and looked at some shops.  I went into a skincare store that many people (including me, previously) think is "clean" and "natural".  I read labels.  I was horrified.  I could barely even smile at the sales person.  Holding a body moisturizer in my hand, almost shaking as I get more and more angry, reading "parabens" and "sodium laureth sulfate" and in the same BREATH they are talking about the environment and health.  

Say WHAT????  


You guys, I would love for you all to try TFO, of course.  But you know what I want the VERY MOST?  For you to read labels, clean out your bathroom cabinets, and stop buying toxic junk!  Make your own, do the research, buy whatever you like that has really truly clean ingredients.  

Anyway, I left that store so fired up.  And then proceeded to spend a good chunk of the flight home developing some new educational tools.  I'll be sending them out in a newsletter - as I can't figure out how to post them here without looking weird.  Throw this new guide (The Toxic 12) in your wallet/purse/backpack, share/harrass friends.  Get the word out, commit to change, do better for you and yours.  I will continue to add new infographics, easy guides, and OF COURSE the brand new TFO Ask The Expert page, featuring our seriously rockin' amazing beautiful kind loving brilliant esthetician expert extraordinaire.  (Can you tell I'm excited?  I might *slightly* adore her.)

I read last night that the statistic for what children's skin absorbs is actually much higher.  Let's do better for them too!  Love all of your tasty faces.


Here's the PDF:

The TFO Toxic 12 to Avoid Guide



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  • A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a new shampoo and conditioner at the grocery store called Organix. On the bottle it said “Sulfate Free.” I thought, “great!” A better for me shampoo/conditioner that smells amazing, too! I had been using it up until I learned about your products and read some of the posts you’ve made about all the chemicals in other products. I never really read the entire ingredient list and just took “Organix” and “Sulfate Free” to mean it was totally natural. I was SO wrong! This stuff is still loaded with crap! Thanks to the information you throw out there, I am much more educated. I’m transitioning to REAL natural products, and feeling oh so good about it! :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only your AMAZING products, but for educating us about what we put on our bodies!

    Geneen on

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