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Impetuousness (and firefly pose)

Posted by Kelly Ross on




Impetuous. I've realized lately that is the perfect word to describe me. I get an idea, it lights on fire, and I start spinning in a million directions at a mile a minute to MAKE... IT... HAPPEN. This is not the worst quality, of course. I'm thankful for my fiery nature. 

And yet, sometimes, I fall on my face. I go too fast, I trip. The positive is that I love making things happen, seeing results, and moving on to the next thing. Nothing like checking those items off of a list and moving forward! But here's the deal. Part of being a real actual grown up means pacing. Breathing. Planning. Being mindful, careful, and responsible. I have totally screwed up a few orders in my speedy rush to be efficient and timely.  I’ve not tightened lids all the way here and there.  Sigh. (Thanks for your patience).


 But that's not what this post is about. I'm reflecting today on how to take all of this BIG energy and passion and focus it. Channel it in a way that becomes even more meaningful than a fast and furious spark and burn out. I have about a million ideas for products, programs, and TASTYFACE initiatives. I am trying to do it all. As my sweet friend jokes, "and shampoo, and dog food, and cleaning products, and deodorant, and and and...".


Yesterday in yoga class, we worked on firefly pose.  (See photo).  Super fun and incredibly challenging. It seems simple enough (?) but basically you fall on your butt.  A lot.  Like much of the yoga journey, it is fun and humbling and strength building and a learning experience.  Firefly pose – work – life - relationships.  It seems to go a little like this:  We try.  We fall on our asses. We get back up.


We laugh.  We try not to be so serious that we’ve removed the joy from our experience.  We move forward. 


Anyway, let me wrap this babble-fest up. I'll be working in the coming months to expand my space.  I'll be developing new products (with the help of the extraordinary team), improving a few formulas, and developing a charitable giving program to help patients undergoing chemotherapy and other painful & difficult medical procedures. But I also need to pace myself, to make sure everything is GREAT.  And hey, as much as I’m saying this to you I’m also saying it to me.  Sometimes I fall down.  But I always get back up. 


Email me.  Get in touch. I welcome your ideas, questions, feedback, thoughts, and commentary. (Even when I'm not formally surveying!) I promise, your communication will pay off hugely.  I love talking with you, hearing what you have to say, and trying to keep improving this little TASTYFACE company. I can't do this without YOU!


Thank you!

xo.  Kelly




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