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Chin up, buttercup.

Posted by Kelly Ross on

The only constant is change.  The only sure thing is that nothing is sure.  Sigh.


So what do we do?


We ride the wave, whatever it is.  We can kick and scream and cry and complain and resist what we don't want.  It's an option.  Exhausting, but an option.  We can also smile, take a bath, read a book, let it roll.  It will change again... nothing stays the same for long.  If you're having a hard day/week/month, just remember:  You're not alone.  You're loved by many.  You matter.  Take good care of you, whatever that means today.  Maybe it just means something simple, like drinking extra water and taking a short walk.  Maybe it's about lighting a candle and making a to-do list.   Or go take a little extra time getting ready and pamper your face!  It's not about perfection, it's about progress.  And maybe a smile or two for good measure.  Or even a laugh.  It doesn't have to be so serious.  Chins up, buttercups.  Happy Monday.


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