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Vitamin C and your skin.

Posted by Kelly Ross on


You guys know the lemon on avocado/guac trick right?  It preserves color and flavor and keeps the brown away.  That’s the vitamin C – and its antioxidant properties - working its magic.  What’s good for the avocado, is good for our TASTYfaces!  This is an awesome way to illustrate the fabulous antioxidant properties of Vitamin C.

Many terms get tossed around in skincare marketing – antioxidants and renewal being a few of them –so we’re going to break down what it’s really about and why it’s actually great to know. The short story on antioxidants is they fight cell damaging free radicals in our bodies by supplying the electron that free radicals lack, thereby neutralizing the damage.  Our skin - no matter what our lifestyle, type, or age - can majorly benefit from the use of topical Vitamin C or L ascorbic acid.  Offered in various forms, this wonder of nature is a proven skin brightener and refiner. Textural changes such as softening and smoothing, visual brightening, clearing, lightening and deeper changes such as collagen building and the enhanced protection of our daily SPF are all benefits of C. This is a must have part of your skincare diet! 

Once you see the change that incorporating vitamin C brings to your skin you will forever be a fan. A ruddy, dull, or grayish complexion can be changed rapidly to a clear, healthful glowing skin with the aid of C.  Check it out – several C and citrus tinged TASTYFACE buckets of goodness coming your way super soon.  Xo.


(Special thanks to Marica, TFO Beauty Expert/Goddess for this insight!)

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