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Why a serum?

Posted by Kelly Ross on

According the founder Ron Robinson, "Serums act as specialists. They are formulated to address specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, firming, age spots and discolorations. Serums can address needs that aren’t covered by a moisturizer.”

Serums really are specialized - highly concentrated, and in the case of the TFO versions: nothing but pure, unadulterated nutrients for skin.  Smaller molecules = increased absorption!  They have a lighter consistency than moisturizer and can be subbed as a light lotion for those with especially oily skin. They are also amazing layered with moisturizer - especially as a treatment at night or to help cure blemishes.  My skin is prone to redness and I use the healing serum on my nose and cheeks at night - after toner, before moisturizer.  I wake up feeling like my skin is far more balanced and calm.  The TASTYFACE nourishing serum is definitely designed for dryness - it will be an awesome treat as the cooler weather approaches.  A tiny dab goes a very long way.

Serums are almost always more expensive than other skincare products - that is because of the high efficiency level of the active ingredients.  You will use very small amounts as well. The TASTYFACE serums are made using only the highest quality, food grade, organic, beautiful oils - absolutely nothing weird!   No soy, no gluten, no preservatives,  no yuck.  Only the tastiest of tasty.  

Enjoy! xo 

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