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ritual #1: dry skin.

Posted by Kelly Ross on

You've heard me talk about Marica.  You've seen some of her FAQ's.  She's damn smart and crazy creative and she came up with this awesome idea!  Introducing the tfo rituals series.  Ideas and methods for getting the *most* out of your TASTYFACE Organics skincare.  So we're starting with how Marica does it!


1. Pre-cleanse on dry skin with a pea sized amount of cleanser. This removes makeup and debris.

2. Rinse with tepid water and do a second cleanse, boosted with a drop or 2 of nourishing serum.  

3. Then treat yourself to a stimulating massage.

4. Let this second cleanse sit as a mask on your skin for 10 minutes.

5. Rinse well with warm water, then spritz toner generously.

6. Pat some nourishing serum into your skin and layer moisturizer on top.

This is how my dry skin gets extra TFO TLC!  XO.

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