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ritual #2: problematic skin with dry/oily/blemished areas

Posted by Kelly Ross on

The TFO Rituals series.  Ideas and methods for getting the *most* out of your TASTYFACE Organics skincare.  

Here's a routine from 19 year old Madison, who has "combination" skin with problem areas - dryness, oiliness, and blemishes.  This #tforitual features the TASTYFACE healing serum, which is designed to address redness, scarring, and inflamed skin.  It contains tamanu oil (see blog on tamanu here.) Here are the steps of her #tfofritual below:  


1. Pre-cleanse on dry skin with a pea sized amount of cleanser. This removes makeup and debris.

2. Rinse with tepid water and do a second cleanse. 

3. Rinse and pat dry.

4. Spritz toner generously.

5. Pat healing serum into your skin, paying close attention to problem areas.

6. Follow with a final spritz of toner

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