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What should I expect when switching to natural, organic skincare? 
It is completely normal to experience additional dryness, flaking, or breakouts when you initially make the switch to clean skincare.  It is important to use small amounts to start, exfoliate 1-3 times per week, and have faith!  Adjustment periods of 10-14 days are completely normal.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel - and it comes in the form of glowing skin and the knowledge that you are not using toxins on your precious body!

What do you recommend using to exfoliate?  
We are big fans of the Clarisonic tool.  Alternatively, try a gentle cloth or an organic exfoliant designed for sensitive skin.

What does "Certified Paleo Friendly" mean? 
Paleo Friendly is a certification that ensures the customer is receiving an ethically made product free of gluten, soy, and dairy.  Please note: Our facility and manufacturing processes ensure zero exposure to these ingredients. While we use extremely conscientious and ethical suppliers, we cannot guarantee that they have zero gluten (and other) exposure - so please be aware of this when making your purchasing decisions. 

Do you offer sales or discount codes?
We do, often!  Please follow us on social media for more details.

Do you have sample sizes?
Currently, we do not.  We are a small manufacturer and make each batch ourselves by hand, so it is not practical for us to fill small sample size containers at this time in addition to our normal production. We do however, guarantee all of our products with a 100% customer happiness promise.  If you order something and you don't love it, just let us know and we'll refund or credit you.

Could I really eat your products?
Yes you really could, although we are not a food company and do not recommend it.  Unless you are stranded on a desert island.  Then yes, bon appetit! ;)

Can I use the sea salt scrub on my face?
Our salt scrub is intended for use on the body only.  It is too harsh for the more delicate skin on our faces.

What is the oil cleansing method you mention?
For so long we were taught to avoid oil on our faces, and instead have been using alcohol based products and other harsh combinations on our skin.  Oil cleansing is a gentle, effective way to draw out dirt and impurities from your skin.  It is actually more gentle than water in many ways!  Our cleanser is a much cleaner version of this, as it is designed like a cold cream and has an easier application.

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?
We do guarantee everything we ship 100%. If you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll take care of you.  No need to send product back, just email us with the details within 30 days of purchase, and we'll issue a refund or credit.

Do you ship internationally?
Currently we ship to the U.S. and Canada only.  This is due to high shipping costs.  We will continue to work on strategies to fix this some day!

How long will my products stay fresh?  Do I need to refrigerate them?  What's the best way to store them?

We've passed our product safety tests with flying colors.  Our products have powerfully effective natural preservatives!  We do recommend using specific precautions while using.  Store them in a cool, dark place.  Always wash hands and take care when using.  You do not need to refrigerate them, however, if you live in a warm climate, this might be handy.  Just let them come up to room temperature before using. We recommend using your products within 6-12 months.

Are any of your products Vegan?
Yes!  Our healing serum, nourishing serum, coconut vanilla absolute body oil, sicilian lemon mint body oil, peppermint white chocolate shave cream, and rosemary aloe toner are all vegan friendly.  The rest of our products do contain ethically sourced beeswax.

Do you test on animals?
Absolutely not, ever.  We have used a number of nationally accredited labs for safety and product testing and do not test on animals.  

Are your products safe for pregnant women and babies?
We recommend always checking with your medical provider before using any product.  While our products are made with incredibly natural, clean, and mostly organic ingredients, we cannot speak to the specific safety of essential oils for pregnant women and young children.  If you'd like to try our products, we recommend testing a small amount on the inside of your wrist to monitor reactions.  We do guarantee our products, so if you aren't happy for any reason, we will refund or credit you.