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That's me, Kelly. If you follow me on facebook, you know I talk NON-STOP. I love the passionate people. The ones who want to change what they don't like, the ones who will fight for their beliefs.  I have a crazy love of food and cooking. I am the mother of a very sweet little boy.  I have a PASSION for health, yoga, hiking, art, the beach, and especially whole, organic, locally-sourced foods.  Through CrossFit, learning about the paleo food movement, I have forever altered my views on health and wellness. 

I am devoted.  I believe in this movement of beautifully hand-crafted, pure and clean ingredients, and small batch skincare so much.  I will do what it takes to get the word out.  I most likely annoy my friends with this. I have developed my formulas with incredibly simple, clean ingredients, and also complex aroma combinations, sublime textures, and powerful healing benefits for your skin and body. This is my passion.

This is Joe.  He is my partner and joined the TASTYFACE team about 6 months after I started it. Absolutely one of the 
most incredible people I know. He's the details guy.  His focus at TASTYFACE is to ensure product quality, consistency, and overall logistics.  So honored to have him, and we will all benefit from his fantastically detail-oriented, meticulous, thoughtful ways.  He has been a guinea pig, a researcher, a production manager, an inventory manager, a support system, a cheerleader, an avid salesperson since day 1.  He is also passionate and determined and here to make our tiny company as awesome as possible!  Love this guy. 

Your turn.  Who are you?  How did you find TASTYFACE?  How can we help you?  Please send your ideas, thoughts, comments, and feedback.  Much love from our little tastyface family.