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blood orange vanilla body butter

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This is a a powerful butter. Thick, rich, dense with moisture. We combine organic shea, cocoa butter, coconut and sweet almond combine to create a powerfully moisturizing and nourishing all over body treat. Finished with vanilla and blood orange essential oil to create a scent that's quite simply a combo of creamiscle and chocolate. Delicious. Your skin will soak it up!

Ingredients: Shea butter*, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*, blood orange essential oil, jojoba oil*, vanilla extract*, essential oils*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

Directions for Use:  Slather on as you see fit - this is one that is completely up to personal preference.  It might seem oily/rich at first but it will absorb quickly, don't fret.  (Please note:  Product consistency can vary depending on temperature.  Colder temps will lend to a hardened consistency - will soften at room temp.  Likewise, try to keep below 78 degrees to avoid melting!  *Just like butter.)









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