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coconut vanilla cream cleanser

coconut vanilla cream cleanser

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I'm so proud of this one.  A modern twist on an old classic.  Our cleanser is a moisturizing coconut & vanilla scented treat and has the consistency of a cold cream.  Our take on the popular oil cleansing method, except far more effective and pampering!  Not a lathering soapy cleanser - think more along the lines of a cream.  Reduces drying effect that is common from many cleansers.  The coconut and vanilla is a subtle scent, 100% naturally sourced and just lovely.  Creates smooth, even skin with smaller pores and fewer blemishes.  Soft and glowy.

Ingredients: coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*, jojoba oil*, aloe vera*, beeswax, organic castile soap* (water, saponified organic coconut, organic palm, organic olive & hemp oils, organic jojoba oil, essential oils, citric acid, vitamin E), shea butter*,  tamanu oil*; sunflower oil* (vitamin e), essential oils.    

*Certified Organic

Directions for use:   Gently massage onto damp face, take a deep breath.  For best results, wipe off with warm, wet washcloth.  Start with a pea-sized amount and adjust according to your skin type and needs. If separation occurs, mix well to redistribute. For best results, store in a cool, dark place and use within 2-3 months of opening. Always wash hands thoroughly before touching product, and make sure and replace cap tightly to maintain freshness.







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